Social Innovation Lab


For the first time ever, EUROCITIES is organising a Social Innovation Lab. The theme is ‘Making Inclusive Cities through Social Innovation‘. We aim to address new and emerging social challenges in cities by fostering co-learning, co-sharing and co-creation of innovative solutions.

We will gather more than 100 urban policy-makers, city practitioners and ‘change makers’ (social entrepreneurs, start-ups with social impact, foundations) from over 50 cities across Europe to share social innovations, learn to transfer their lessons and co-create potential solutions to implement in cities. Our aim is to strengthen the capacity of cities to develop and implement innovative solutions to new social challenges.

We will pilot a new method of collaborative learning between cities focused on social innovation in three stages:

  1. Co-learning – learn how to transfer lessons from recent pilots of social innovation in cities
  2. Co-sharing – share know-how and exchange good practices of social innovations in cities through site visits, speed-networking and exhibition of projects by cities and invited local partners
  3. Co-creating – working together to co-design possible solutions to current social challenges in cities

Key questions we will explore:

  • What do we want our inclusive cities to look like and how to achieve it? What are the ‘new’ solutions to this ‘old’ mission?
  • How can cities act as ‘change makers’ to develop and implement innovative solutions to new social challenges?
  • Which lessons from urban innovative actions is your city interested to learn from and transfer to your own urban context?
  • Who can cities work with to pilot new solutions to address current and future social challenges? How can cities work better together to maximise opportunities for social innovations?

Join us in Glasgow to make inclusive cities through social innovation!

Should you have any questions about the event or the registration, please contact [email protected].