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Shape and share your message


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Go step-by-step through the purpose of your content and how it connects with your audience before moving on to planning your content, the timing and the platforms you will use. Participants will be encouraged to use the session to plan some real content around their own upcoming communication needs, although a fictional scenario will also be provided.

Key outcomes

  • Identify the audience you wish to reach
  • A timeline map for your communications
  • Draft posts for different points of your timeline

Who should attend

These courses will be relevant to both councillors and officers involved in using social media, comms or community engagement for their organisation and those that wish to wish to develop their skills in this area. Elected members will also benefit whether coming from a ward perspective or as a cabinet member and policymaker in order to get your message out there!

Your LGIU Trainer

Cllr Rachel Eden has been an elected member of a Unitary Authority since 2010, having served in a range of roles including the opposition, cabinet member, committee chair and is the former mayor of Reading Council. As an experienced trainer, she specialises in finance, management and social media and is a qualified management accountant. Rachel delivers training to individuals and groups ranging from employees of multinational corporations to volunteers at small charities.
Malcolm Powers is a former Councillor and Cabinet Member in a Unitary Authority. He has over fifteen years experience delivering training to local government members and community campaigners. He specialises in communications at all levels and stakeholder engagement.

What others are saying about LGIU training

“The breakout sessions with my colleagues were especially helpful as well as the handouts on the situational leadership model.”

– Bethan, from Cardiff