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Seminar: Effective Communication for Councillors and officers: using social media and traditional techniques to share your message



This course will help you consider the appropriate use of your council’s communications team as well as your personal approach to using traditional and social media, focusing on how you convey your message as well as listen to and engage with your residents.

Councillors and council staff have more ways than ever before to engage with and respond to their residents. However, building a personal brand and knowing why you are engaging is an important first step.

Social media, traditional press alongside radio and TV interviews and newsletters can all play a part in engaging with the public.  As budgets become tighter using these effectively to help the public understand your message as well as gain feedback.

It will look at practical ways to keep up with social media including use of Hootsuite to manage twitter, Facebook Instagram and Google+; dealing with the risks and attacks; the continuing importance of relationships with the press and other media and practicing your interview techniques.

This seminar will be of value to both new and experienced councillors.

Programme covers:

  • Your message: How you and your council’s communications team can manage your and your organisation’s brand and message effectively and in a complimentary way
  • Using your communications team: staying legal, managing positive and negative stories and the complimentary or contrasting nature of your messages
  • Listening: Getting the best from social media, face to face, complaints and the press– spotting trends, actively listening and building a conversation.
  • Getting heard 1: Building constructive relationships with local press and media and using your comms team.
  • Getting heard 2: Getting the best from social media –creating interesting content, engaging and two-way communication.
  • As part of the programme participants will be able to build an action plan based around a topic or issue that they are currently considering.


10:00-10:30 Registration & refreshments

10:30-10:45 Introductions

10:45-11:15 Crafting your message and finding your audience choosing a case study

11:15-12:00 Using your communications team effectively

12:00-12:30 Active listening through social media and other channels

12:30-13:15 Lunch

13:15-14:00 Getting heard 1: Building relationships and interviews

14:00-14:45 Getting heard 2: Using social media to share your messages

14:45-15:00 Summary

15:00-15:30 Overview and finalising action plans

Rachel Eden is an experienced trainer and leading member of a Unitary Authority. As a trainer she specialises in finance, management and social media and is a qualified management accountant. Rachel delivers training to individuals and groups ranging from employees of multinational corporations to volunteers at small charities.
Who should attend?
This seminar is relevant to both councillors and officers that want to know how work effectively with your Council's communications team and connecting with your community.