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Seminar: Being an effective Councillor: ways of strengthening and sustaining personal resilience


This seminar will also include a free copy of Jacqueline Mansell’s publication: Resilience: A choice for everyday living

Being an elected Member can be tough: the public profile, credibility and expectations placed upon elected members are numerous, requiring the maintenance of high levels of energy and performance.  Carrying out multiple roles and working with a variety of people and managing a variety of different roles and situations (not to mention getting the ‘work-life balance’ right) requires resilience.

Personal resilience is about maintaining a sense of wellbeing, being mentally strong, effectively meeting different demands and performing at one’s best on behalf of individuals, communities as well as being an effective leader.  This is a very practical seminar that will provide each participant with methods and helpful ideas to manage the pressures they face and enable them to be able to maximise the positive aspects of being an elected member.

This will be an interactive session with plenty of opportunity for discussion and sharing experiences.


  • Describe what it means to be resilient
  • List the circumstances that undermine resilience
  • Examine the effects of reduced levels of resilience
  • Recognise the causes and effects of generalised stress
  • Use the power of the mind
  • Identify appropriate behaviour when dealing with others
  • Strengthen personal resilience
  • Recognise and set goals to handle those situations which may cause personal difficulty.



9.30    Registration. Refreshments upon arrival

10.00  Introduction

            What is resilience?

Circumstances that undermine resilience

The effects of reduced levels of resilience

11.30  Morning Break (20 minutes)

11.50  Generalised stress

Reacting to situations

13.00  Lunch (45 minutes)

13.45  Relationships and interacting with others

            Strategies to strengthen resilience

15.30  Close




Session facilitated by:

Jacqueline Mansell MA, BSc(Hons) FiFL and Chartered FCIP is a professional personal development management, training management and equalities facilitator and trainer with over 20 years experience in these disciplines. In addition Jacqueline provides counselling, coaching and team development. She has a strong track record working with elected members where for many years her position involved setting strategy and designing member development programmes for 46 councils.

Who should attend?

This seminar will be of value to elected members wanting to improve their personal resilience and wellbeing.