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Seminar: Being an effective councillor: influencing skills


Being a Member you are set apart from others because your position of power is always visible. However, in a world where people can be distrustful of those who seek and hold power and where people are becoming accustomed to challenging officialdom holding the position of a councillor does not automatically confer authority, control or action. In addition, working relationships with fellow councillors who hold an equal position of power are crucial in pushing through proposals, achieving results and setting strategy and policy. Therefore, this seminar has been designed to develop knowledge, skill and understanding of the art and methods of influencing and persuading others in order to gain cooperation, support, and commitment. By the end of the seminar councillors will have heightened awareness and increased ability in communicating and achieving successful outcomes while retaining the respect and trust of others.

This will be an interactive session with plenty of opportunity for discussion, exploring concepts, swapping ideas, obtaining advice and sharing the experiences of each other.

Participants will learn:

  • To define ethical influencing skills
  • About the interplay between the use of power, persuasion and influencing skills
  • To recognise underpinning elements intrinsic to the effective use of power and influence
  • Of methods for enhancing positive personal influence


9:30    Registration and refreshments

10:00    Introduction

  • Defining ethical influencing skills
  • The purpose and importance of influencing skills
  • Everyday influencing (actors and roles/values and beliefs)
  • Power and persuasion

11:30   Morning break (20 minutes)

11:50  Personal sphere of influence

  • Making an impact

13:00  Lunch (45 minutes)

13:45  Being a positive influence:

  • Behaviour
  • Personal qualities
  • Communication
  • Leading with wisdom

16:00  Close

This programme is correct at time of publication, but programme content may be altered without notice to reflect speaker changes which are beyond our control.



Who should attend?

This seminar will be of value to elected members wanting to improve their influencing skills.


Session facilitated by

Jacqueline Mansell MA, BSc(Hons) FIfL and Chartered FCIP is a professional personal development management, training management and equalities facilitator and trainer with over 20 years of experience in these disciplines. In addition Jacqueline provides counselling, coaching and team development. She has a strong track record working with elected members where for many years her position involved setting strategy and designing member development programmes for 46 councils.