Scottish Housing Policy Conference 2019


We’re pleased to announce details of the second annual Scottish Housing Policy Conference, which this year will be co-hosted by the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) and Policy Scotland.

Housing and Inclusive Growth: Revitalising Connections

The Scottish Government have maintained a strong commitment to delivering substantial programmes of affordable housing. They have also strongly embraced the notion of ‘inclusive growth’ and it is one of their central policy narratives. Surprisingly there has been little reflection of the connections between housing and inclusive growth in the Scottish policy debate. This conference seeks to restore housing to the centre of inclusion policy debate and, importantly, delivery by presenting both fresh research insights and reflections on past, successful Scottish policy.

The Scottish Housing Policy Conference will address two key themes that shape the inclusiveness of Scottish housing outcomes:

  • At the broader housing policy level, we consider whether the broad structure of tax and other supports for housing has essentially exacerbated inequalities in income and wealth, and particularly driven wealth inequalities, and what directions policy might take to make outcomes fairer and inclusive.
  • The best ways in which to deliver affordable housing outcomes so that they enhance inclusion within and across communities and align bottom-up community energies with top-down support for economic change.

Confirmed speakers include Professor Duncan Maclennan (Policy Scotland) and Professor Ken Gibb (UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence).

** Download the full conference programme **

Co-hosted by UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence and Policy Scotland.

The conference is kindly supported by COSLA.