Scotland’s Democratic Future: Shaping Scotland’s Citizens’ Assembly


The Scottish Government has proposed a Citizens’ Assembly on Scotland’s future, providing an opportunity for greater citizen engagement on issues facing the country. A Citizens’ Assembly in Scotland provides the opportunity to democratically work through complex constitutional issues in a way that fosters consensus and understanding rather than division in society. But what is a Citizens’ Assembly?

This panel will be a chance to share and learn about how citizens’ assemblies work in general, and how Scotland’s will function in particular.

Speakers include:

  • Joanna Cherry MP QC
  • Dr Jess Garland (Electoral Reform Society)
  • Dr Oliver Escobar (University of Edinburgh)
  • David Farrell (Research leader of the Irish Citizens’ Assembly)
  • Louise Caldwell (Irish Citizens’ Assembly member)
  • Lesley Riddoch (Journalist)

Hosted by Edinburgh University and the Electoral Reform Society.