Scotland 2030: A Citizen’s Income?

Join an expert panel to explore the opportunities and challenges in implementing a citizen’s basic income in Scotland.

About this Event

With predictions of social and economic upheaval brought about by technological and environmental changes, could a citizen’s income reduce poverty and increase people’s control over their lives? How attractive – and affordable – is it as a policy?

Using new research from Edinburgh and Heriott-Watt Universities, funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute , this seminar will bring together perspectives from all sides of the debate to consider whether citizen’s income is a realistic solution for the future.

Draft programme

17:30 Registration opens

18:00 Welcome and introduction

18:05 Presentation: Exploring Citizen’s Income – Research Project

18:25 Discussion: A Citizen’s Income for Scotland?

19:30 Informal discussion over light refreshments

20:00 Event finishes

The event is held in conjunction with Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland, which is a charity dedicated to opening up the conversation about basic income in Scotland. It supports a network of basic income advocates, providing training and supporting organisations in engaging their stakeholders on the topic.

If you’d like to learn more about basic income, you can get in touch with Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland by emailing [email protected] or visit the website