England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland

Post-COP26 briefing


This webinar considered the key outcomes from the COP26 conference with a specific focus on what they mean for local authorities and how they can be practically achieved and delivered.

The event was held virtually in partnership with the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place at the University of Liverpool and brought together experts from across the UK and Ireland to discuss the specific theme of adaptation.

You can now re-watch or share the full recording of the webinar here.

More information on LGIU’s extensive range of coverage and resources for local government on climate action and sustainable development can be found here.


Speakers included Chris Murray (Director, Core Cities UK), Anna Marie Delaney (Chief Executive, Offaly County Council) and Mark Atherton (Director of Environment, Greater Manchester Combined Authority). The discussion was chaired by Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive of the LGIU.

Who should attend?
Over 100 members and officers from councils across the England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Australia attended the webinar. Most were involved in or is interested in developing a response to the Climate Emergency.