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Policy Café Islington: Exploring Homelessness and Immigration


During 2018, LGiU is working with its members to investigate what actions local government can take to prevent homelessness. As part of this, we are working with the North London Housing Partnership – a consortium of 6 boroughs – to host a policy café event on the impact of immigration on homelessness.

In London, migrants are more likely to end up sleeping rough than anywhere else in the UK. The number of EU nationals sleeping rough has also been steadily increasing since 2010. For local authorities, immigration brings an extra dimension to tackling homelessness.

Policy café events are informal spaces to discuss issues of interest to officers at LGiU member authorities.

12:00 Coffee, chatting, introductions
12:15 Context setting by Jonathan Carr-West, LGiU

●      LGiU’s Local Government Homelessness Commission

●      Impact of introduction of Homelessness Reduction Act

●      Local government’s responsibilities

●      Demographic change, immigration and how this impacts on homelessness

●      Recent controversies: administrative removal and the right of EU migrants to live in other states regardless of housing situation

12:30 Alan Benson, Head of Housing at London Borough of Haringey

●      Haringey’s approach to housing and homelessness

●      How immigration affects Haringey’s homelesness policy

●      Demographic changes in Haringey

12:45 Q&A with rest of group
13:30 Question time: how will my council’s approach to homelessness change over the next few years?
14:30 Close of event