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Online Training: Understanding Strategic Thinking


These 2, 2-hour online participative workshops are ideal for managers or specialists who have a strategic role or who are looking to develop a better understanding and skills in the area of longer term planning and strategy. Essentially this is about effective change management and creating a coherent vision of the future at team, function and organisational level.

Strategy or being ‘strategic’ can by its very nature seem quite a vague concept in organisations although a term that is frequently used. The training is designed to cut through that mist and provide a clear understanding and the tools to think strategically but also to influence and implement strategy. The workshop will particularly focus on the challenges of creative strategic thinking in a politically led and fast-changing organisation. This is about thinking strategically rather than strategic planning!

Key outcomes:

  • A clear understanding of what strategic thinking means in your organisations and how it is used.
  • Understanding the role of strategic thinking in the overall process of strategic management
  • Developing strategies to work with a more strategic mindset and to influence the organisation to think and operate more strategically
  • A chance to consider the use of specific strategic thinking ‘tools’
  • It is important to attend both sessions to get the most benefit


Workshop 1 (6 July 2021 – 10:00-12:00)

What is strategic thinking and why is it so important

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Coming to terms with the ambiguity of strategic thinking;
  • What it can mean in practice
  • The difference between strategic thinking and strategic planning
  • Strategic approaches used in your organisation and barriers
  • Learning as an organisation

Workshop 2 (13 July 2021 – 10:00-12:00)

How can I develop strategic thinking capacity?

  • The competencies of a strategic thinker
  • Creative v critical thinking
  • A strategic approach to change – tools and techniques
  • The systems thinking approach
  • An inclusive approach and cultural change



Keith Crampton, Wiz Training and Development Ltd.

Keith is an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator specialising in local government but with experience in private sector organisations as well as charities. Specialising in organisational and culture change Keith has worked with authorities of all types. His experience before forming Wiz was as a training and organisational development specialist working in both local government and the NHS. He brings an enthusiastic and engaging approach coupled with a focus on achieving real improvements in individual and organisational performance.

Who should attend?

The workshop is intended for managers and elected members looking to develop more strategic and creative responses to the challenges faced by authorities. It is also useful for those with strategic roles in organisational change and policy making.