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Online Training: Being an effective Councillor: Taking the next steps in Leadership of Place


So, you have some of the basics of being a councillor under your belt. You know how to resolve a piece of casework and you understand your council’s decision-making processes. What now? How do you start to tackle some of the big issues that you got elected to fix?

  • Maybe you are ambitious and want to demonstrate the leadership skills needed for your next step?
  • Maybe you’ve just become a lead member and need to take that step-change from ward focus to council champion?
  • Or just know that you ‘may’ only have 4 years and really want to resolve the burning issue for your residents?

Very few issues can be solved by just you alone. These two 2.5-hour interactive online sessions will look at Leadership of Place and relationship building in solving issues.

You will be asked in advance to think of one burning issue in your ward or role that you want to address. The course will give you tools that you can practically use on this real issue you face. Putting theory into practice.



Session 1: Leadership of Place

Tuesday, 28 June 2022: 10:00-12:30

  • What do we mean by “Leadership of Place”?
  • How to deepen your understanding of ‘your place’
  • How to identify the key people you need
  • Thinking specifically about your issue
  • Collecting relevant information
  • Finding your key people.

Between sessions, participants will be asked to map out partners and stakeholders in their burning issue.


Session 2: Relationship Building

Friday, 8 July 2022: 10:00-12:30

  • Review of partnership map
  • Understanding who can help and who will get in the way
  • How to influence key people
  • Officer/member relationships
  • Behavioural change
  • Defining success.



Liz Green (Cllr) has been a London borough councillor for nearly 20 years and works as a trainer, coach and mentor for elected members. She has held numerous council positions in both administration and opposition, including Council Leader, leader of the opposition, environment lead member, children’s services lead, chair of health and wellbeing board and chair of strategic partnership board. She is currently Chair of Audit, Governance and Scrutiny.

In addition to her council roles, Liz works cross party on local government improvement and climate change best practice and is a board member of a charity providing housing to those with complex mental health problems.

Who should attend?

Councillors who want to go beyond the basics, with a burning issue they want to resolve or just learn more about how to achieve the goals for their residents. Officers who support councillors in their leadership of place role.