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Online Training: Speed Reading and Retention


This is an essential course for councillors and officers who need to be able to read and summarise information from written text faster and more effectively.  The webinar focuses on the different types of reading styles and encourages better retention of written material through the use of specific techniques.


Programme Objectives

By the end of this programme delegates will be able to:

  1. Explain the principles of speed reading
  2. Understand the barriers to reading and adopt different reading styles
  3. Co-ordinate eye movements better to minimise any poor reading habits
  4. Improve retention of information using specific techniques.

Further Information

The session focuses on how our brain absorbs and process information, including the relationship between eye and brain.  The session also explains different types of reading styles and how to learn new, positive reading habits.



Welcome! (10 mins)

  • Course overview and objectives
  • Personal introductions and objectives

What is Speed Reading? (10 mins)

  • History and background
  • Key concepts – reading and assimilation

Introduction to Different Reading Styles (30 mins)

  • Scanning
  • Skimming
  • Careful Reading

Speed Reading (30 Mins)

  • Eye/brain relationship
  • Visual gap speed
  • Minimising barriers to fast reading

Reading for Retention (25 mins)

  • S-Q-R-W Technique
  • Active reading
  • Mindmapping for retention

Where am I now? (15 mins)

  • Repeat of reading speed test
  • Key learning points
  • Evaluation and close.


Who should attend?

This is an essential course for Members and officers who need to be able to read and summarise information from written text faster and more effectively.


Miranda Smythe

Miranda has 30 years’ experience in helping organisations (mainly local government) to identify learning gaps, and to develop tailored, creative and relevant strategies for meeting these needs with a view of helping them meet their objectives.  Miranda is also a Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) Associate Trainer and has been involved in developing bespoke programmes for Councillors including speed reading and personal safety.

In addition to her formal role, Miranda is also very involved in local community development activities, providing mental health awareness sessions for many not-for-profit organisations.  She is Chair of a local homelessness charity and has been instrumental in developing and facilitating community leadership initiatives in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.