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Online Training: Presenting with Impact

The success of Organisations and individuals is increasingly dependent on effective communication of information both internally and externally. Making an impact and conveying your message clearly builds confidence and can help to achieve results.

The workshop also reflects on how we are having to learn new skills to present on line both because of general changes in the way people are working and the impact of the pandemic.

For many people it doesn’t come naturally, is a challenging experience and the impact of nerves can cause problems.

This course is designed to equip presenters with a fundamental range of skills that will enable them to make presentations professionally and confidently in a number of settings. It focuses on aspects concerned both with content and process and gives practical tips to overcome any anxiety.

Outline Programme

  • Welcome and personal goals
  • Understanding and controlling nerves and anxiety
  • The preparation process and checklist
  • Structuring your presentation
  • Using visual support
  • Presenting on line and the things to consider and adapt
  • Identifying positive presenter behaviours
  • Improving confidence and maximizing charismatic impact
  • Developing the impact of your voice – With some practice
Who should attend?

This session is ideal for both Councillors and Officers on how to improve your skills at presenting in various settings.


Keith Crampton, Wiz Training and Development Ltd.

Keith is an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator specialising in Local Government but with experience in private sector organisations as well as charities. Specialising in organisational and culture change Keith has worked with Authorities of all types. His experience before forming Wiz was as a Training and Organisational Development specialist working in both Local Government and the NHS. He brings an enthusiastic and engaging approach coupled with a focus on achieving real improvements in individual and organisational performance.