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Online Training: Practical Project Management


Project and Project Management are much used terms, often without a thorough understanding of what distinguishes a project from other work or programmes.  This webinar seeks to clarify what we mean when we say project and demonstrate how a practical approach can be beneficial.

The are many excellent methodologies available which are particularly useful when it comes to larger projects.  But what about the huge number of projects which are much smaller in terms of resources required, both financial and staff.  It is also much harder to properly understand a larger project and the methods employed without a clear understanding of the key principles of ‘Practical Project Management’.

This workshop introduces the nine essential parts of any project not just for work but in other aspects of your life as well.  Change means projects and projects mean change and the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic have necessitated quick adjustment but will also create many more projects related to the ‘new normal’. One of the most fundamental being faced by many organisations is reopening workplaces safely.


Programme Outline:

  • Introduction and working as a project team – icebreaker
  • Project work in the context of organisational change
  • The project planning framework – 4 phases and 9 Key parts
  • Why do projects go wrong?
  • The importance of goal clarification and an understanding of each of the key parts – Examples and suggested approaches
  • Working in the project team – Building a balanced team
  • Considerations in influencing and communicating with others
  • Practical application – The 25 Key questions
  • Personal and organisational project management actions arising from the session

Keith Crampton

Keith is an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator specialising in Local Government but with experience in private sector organisations as well as charities. Specialising in organisational and culture change Keith has worked with Authorities of all types. His experience before forming Wiz was as a Training and Organisational Development specialist working in both Local Government and the NHS. He brings an enthusiastic and engaging approach coupled with a focus on achieving real improvements in individual and organisational performance.

Who should attend?

This seminar will be relevant for officers and managers new to or familiar, with project management.