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Online Training: Personal Safety


This programme has been specially written for Councillors and for candidates standing as a councillor for the first time who want to review and improve their personal safety.

Based on sensible tips and techniques the session will enable participants to:

  • Review their current personal safety arrangements
  • Implement sensible safety procedures based on advice from the Police and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust
  • Keep safe online.

Each delegate will receive a free comprehensive handout – the LGIU’s Personal Safety Guide (2022 version coming soon)

This session is complemented by the “Managing Conflict” programme, which focuses on interpersonal approaches to de-fusing challenging situations.

The Managing Conflict for Councillors session is in the afternoon from 2-4pm.



10 mins Welcome

  • Programme objectives
  • Personal introductions
10 mins Principles of Personal Safety

  • Dynamic risk assessment
  • Routines and early choices
45 mins Personal Safety Tips

  • Being out and about – walking, cycling, driving and using public transport
  • Canvassing
  • Surgeries
  • Visits to people’s homes
40 mins Keeping Safe 

  • Social media, trolls and keeping safe online
  • Harassment and Stalking
  • Covid-19
10 mins Incident Reporting

  • What to report
  • Personal support
5 mins Session Review

  • Summary, key learning points, feedback and close.



Miranda Smythe

Miranda has 30 years’ experience in helping organisations (mainly local government) to identify learning gaps, and to develop tailored, creative and relevant strategies for meeting these needs with a view of helping them meet their objectives.  Miranda is also a Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) Associate Trainer and has been involved in developing bespoke programmes for Councillors including speed reading and personal safety.

In addition to her formal role, Miranda is also very involved in local community development activities, providing mental health awareness sessions for many not-for-profit organisations.  She is Chair of a local homelessness charity and has been instrumental in developing and facilitating community leadership initiatives in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

Who should attend?

This programme has been specially written for Councillors who want to review and improve their personal safety.