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Online Training: Minuting Virtual Meetings


This programme has been developed to support Councillors and Officers who are responsible for minuting virtual meetings.

Full of useful tips, the session will enable participants to:

  • Adapt their current minute-taking skills to on-line meetings
  • Follow a line of discussion
  • Deal confidently with minute-taking challenges.

Each delegate will receive a comprehensive handout.


10 mins Welcome

Programme objectives

Personal introductions

10 mins Adapting Minute-Taking to Virtual Meetings

How is it different?

What changes in approach are needed?

20 mins Preparation

Preparing for the meeting

Liaising with the Chair

45 mins Minuting Tips

Managing the ‘tricky’ elements, eg. poor sound/visual quality

Knowing who is speaking

Following a line of discussion

What if I don’t hear or understand?

Tips for producing a set of minutes

5 mins Session Review

Summary, key learning points, feedback and close.



Miranda Smythe

Miranda has 30 years’ experience in helping organisations (mainly local government) to identify learning gaps, and to develop tailored, creative and relevant strategies for meeting these needs with a view of helping them meet their objectives.  Miranda is also a Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) Associate Trainer and has been involved in developing bespoke programmes for Councillors including speed reading and personal safety.

In addition to her formal role, Miranda is also very involved in local community development activities, providing mental health awareness sessions for many not-for-profit organisations.  She is Chair of a local homelessness charity and has been instrumental in developing and facilitating community leadership initiatives in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

Who should attend?

This session will be relevant for Councillors and Officers who are responsible for minuting virtual meetings.