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Online Training: Equality and Inclusive Leadership in Local Government

2021 requires a re-commitment from local authorities’ leaders and managers to make a significant shift in stepping up to practice inclusive leadership. Being inclusive leaders means making equality and diversity part of everyday work. Inclusive leaders invest time and effort in learning purposefully, on becoming self-aware of their place in the system, and embrace the challenge of complex and contentious adaptive problems such as discrimination, inequality and disadvantage created in and by the systems they lead. They also recognise that they have to work in collaboration with others to create and sustain change in organisations, their cultures, systems and practices. This is about new ways of working with diverse people in the organisation and in the community to energise and support leaders who want to lead with equality and inclusion as core to their leadership practice. This is about leveraging diversity to transform organisational systems and practices.

Munira Thobani, leadership consultant with ED&I practitioner experience has developed a model for equality and inclusive leadership. This model provides a framework for the work that leaders need to do themselves in order to support others to help develop and practice anti-discrimination in decision-making and professional practice. In order to transform local authorities to become inclusive, accessible and connected to all communities that they serve requires a systematic and concerted effort to improve practice at all levels of the system. Positive inclusive practice can be developed by Members and Officers individually and in their respective teams to bring about greater equality and fairness for all. The Thobani 6C model offers a fresh perspective on how to make equality, diversity and inclusion count in your council, to make a step-change from compliance to ambition and how you can make this work exciting, integral, rewarding and sustainable.

These two online sessions provide an introduction to equality diversity and inclusive leadership practices.

Introduction/Induction Equality Diversity and Inclusion Workshops for Councillors (2.5 hrs)

16 November 2021: 10:00-12:30

In this introductory workshop we will work on:

  • Engage Members and Officers in building a common understanding of the legislative backdrop to Equalities – Limitations and Opportunities
  • Explore how to create ambition beyond compliance through inclusive leadership
  • Assess current approaches to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and seeing anti-discrimination work as adaptive leadership work
  • Develop your leadership role to make a difference.


Equality and Inclusive Leadership Workshop – For Leading Members and Officers (3 hrs)

23 November 2021: 10:00-13:00

In this session we will look at:

  • Reflect on the Thobani 6 C model and your personal and organisational role audit
  • Build your competencies and confidence in your equality and inclusive leadership practice
  • Consider the challenges in doing this work and strategies to overcome them
  • Reflect further on your skills and development needs to build your equality and inclusive leadership practice.
Who should attend?

Both sessions will be relevant officers who work in the area of equalities as well as elected members who want to re-examine equality and diversity policies within their local authority and their leadership role within and outside the Council.


Munira Thobani

Munira has a Masters’ degree in Public Administration (MPA) from Warwick University (2005) following a twenty-year career in public services. She has worked in senior roles on leading and managing change in a number of London local authorities. Her expertise is in equalities, social care, governance, partnership and collaborative working, policy and strategy development, performance management and community engagement.  She worked with OPM 2006-2014 as a senior fellow in leadership and organisational development. Munira works as a leadership consultant and has created a new model and audit tool for Equality and Inclusive Leadership to support strategic and sustainable change. She works with organisations to engage senior leaders in doing their work on equality, diversity and inclusion in order to energise and support a shift in the culture, practice and systems they lead. Munira has facilitated workshops with boards, elected members and senior officers in local government and other sectors to build leadership capacity and capability. Munira is a qualified executive coach and workplace mediator.