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Online Training: Digital for Leaders: what you really need to know


This lively and interactive session aims to remove the jargon and complexity surrounding digital and technology, providing a solid foundation of knowledge for those in leadership positions to ensure their approach is the right one.

The workshop will focus on the strategic matters of importance when it comes to digital and transformation, giving attendees the confidence to challenge their organisations to make the most of the digital opportunity. Facilitated discussions will be held on:

  • What digital really means for local authorities
  • What leadership looks like in the digital age
  • Understanding enough about the technology
  • Setting your strategic vision
  • Digital culture and skills
  • Overseeing the delivery of digital transformation.

Programme (2-hours)

Each element of the programme will feature a short presentation to provide context and key information, followed by a discussion to aid understanding.


  • Overview
  • Outcomes

What digital really means for local authorities

  • Defining ‘digital’
  • How this affects local authorities
  • Applying this to our own organisations

What leadership looks like in the digital age

  • What are the characteristics of a digital leader?
  • How can we start to embody these?

Understanding enough about the technology

  • Why understanding some technology is important
  • Key topics –
    • Cloud
    • Low code
    • Data
    • The state of local government software

Setting your strategic vision

  • Do you even need a digital strategy?
  • What to focus on in case you decide that you do

Digital culture and skills

  • What are the elements of digital culture that will improve how your council works?
  • What new skills and roles are needed to do digital work successfully?

Overseeing the delivery of digital transformation

  • Should you have a formal digital programme, and how is that best run?
  • How will you fund digital work and track outcomes?



Dave Briggs has a 15 year record working in the public sector on change and transformation programmes. He has worked at Head of Service level in several councils, as well as worked on a consultancy basis at every level of government – from small parishes to Number 10 Downing Street. His work on service design and transformation strategies has won awards for several of the organisations he has worked with, and he now works as a consultant to local government through his company SensibleTech. Read his full CV online.

Who should attend?

This session will be relevant to officers and elected-members who want to have a better understanding of the use of digital in local government, and want to progress digital transformation in their authority. It will also help those that wish to scrutinise progress on digital in their council.