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Coaching skills


The LGiU is offering a new one-day session on the practical and theoretical aspects of coaching in a local authority environment.

Coaching offers a range of benefits, not only to those who are receiving it, but also to the coach and the wider service sectors in the organisation.

This workshop provides an understanding of the process, how learning is transferred through coaching and the wider benefits it delivers.

Key outcomes:

  • Learning about the coaching process with tips and techniques for successful delivery
  • Understanding how skills and knowledge can be transferred through coaching
  • Identify how coaching can benefit a local authority at all levels.



10:00 Welcome and Introduction – Clarifying workshop and individual goals
10:15 Session 1. Coaching and mentoring in a local authority, why do it? The corporate approach
10:45 What needs to be in place, who is involved?
11.15 Morning Break
11:25 The steps used in the coaching cycle
11:45 Using coaching in a service sector, and applying your learning (individual practical examples)
12:30 End of session 1 and Lunch break
13:30 Session 2. Transferring skills. Learning styles, stages and retention

On-line coaching – the virtual world

14.50 Afternoon Break
15:00 Responding to the challenges in coaching

Final Q& A session

16:00 Close



Jan Kennedy

Jan has worked in the public sector for more than 30 years, providing training advice and guidance to central and local government departments, across the UK. Her former post was Head of Training for APSE, Association for Public Service Excellence. Jan is a member of the British Psychological Society and is a registered BPS test user.  She holds a Certificate of registration in Test User Occupational Ability and Test User Occupational Personality. Jan’s approach is to ensure that all learners fully engage with her training sessions, and enjoy the opportunity for continuous improvement.

Who should attend?

This 1-day workshop will benefit anyone who wants to improve their coaching skills on an individual or team basis.  It may also be useful to those with responsibilities to provide coaching and ongoing support to staff within their service areas.