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Online Training: Beyond Conflict Resolution

An enlightening session that will equip delegates with the knowledge to successfully escape from high–risk situations when all other means of conflict resolution have failed.  Facilitators of this event are drawn from an experienced team of criminal justice sector & LLB(Hons) practitioners.
Lively video demonstrations coupled with active discussion will address key anxieties providing a comprehensive and practical skill set.

Core subjects engage with:

  • Street safety
  • Avoidance techniques
  • Disengaging from grabs to the clothing, arms & hands
  • Escaping from grabs to the throat
  • Successfully fleeing blindsided attacks

Upon successful participation, each delegate will be enrolled on the online refresher programme.

Programme (2-hours)


  • Overview
  • Context setting
  • Underpinning philosophy & research

When communication fails

  • Why can conflict resolution fail?
  • Examples
  • What is the principal driver of assaultive behaviour?

The use of reasonable force

  • The law
  • Practical examples
  • The ‘Noye’ test

Preliminary strategies

  • Distance
  • Verbal judo
  • Low-level disengagement

Clothing grabs

  • One & two-handed grabs Arm grabs
  • Various scenarios Grabs around the throat Grabs from behind Consolidation.


Who should attend?

This session will be relevant to all elected members and officers who have direct contact with the general public.


Ian Kirke

Ian Kirke, Managing Director, TF Success, former senior police officer, an academic and elected member of Bracknell Forest Council.

TFS operates up to and including level 8, the highest level of the educational spectrum. The domestic regulated UK security sector, for example, is positioned at level 2.