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Online Training: Advanced Chairing: Managing Participation at Meetings


This two-hour session has been developed for Chairs, who want to develop their knowledge and skills around the people side of meetings.

Set in the virtual world, the programme covers a range of topics focussed on techniques which can encourage participation.  The course also features ideas on how to manage over-participation, together with some input around team dynamics.

The workshop complements the LGIU’s “Chairing Virtual Meetings” programme.

Programme Outlines

By the end of the session, delegates will be able to:

  • Create an environment which encourages participation
  • Use techniques to encourage quieter meeting members to input into discussions
  • Interrupt over-talkative participants
  • Set and use ground-rules
  • Manage conflict confidently.


Welcome and Introductions (10 mins)

  • Session outline
  • Personal aims

Skills of being a People-centric Chairperson (15 mins)

  • The soft skills needed to be an effective Chair
  • Creating an environment where people can contribute

Group Dynamics (15 mins)

  • How teams form and develop
  • Personalities at a meeting

Facilitation Skills (70 mins)

  • Techniques to encourage participation
  • Managing over-talkative participants
  • Setting and using ground-rules
  • Managing heat and conflict including setting the scene for heated debates

Programme  Review (10 mins)

  • Key learning points
  • Evaluation and close.
Who should attend?

Elected members or officers who want to develop and improve their chairing skills to the next level.