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Online Training: Effective Social Media (lunch hour sessions)


Social media has become an absolutely vital channel for communicating with our communities and stakeholders. This course consists of three modules of one hour each which cover an introduction to using social media effectively, planning and managing your social media and using images and video effectively.

The three-course modules are:

Introduction to using social media effectively

Thr, 3 March 2022 12:30-13:45

  • Introduce the different social media channels and how they can be used to listen to and communicate with communities and stakeholders.
  • Top tips for social media
  • Good practice examples.


Planning and managing social media

Thr, 17 March 2022: 12:30-13:45

  • Introduction to communications planning
  • Using social media to broadcast and signpost
  • Using social media to engage
  • Social media management tools and social media analysis.


Using images and video effectively

Wed, 30 March 2022: 12:30-13:45

  • Creating and using images
  • Creating video
  • Subtitles
  • Speaking and presenting for video.


A guide and other supporting materials will be available to all participants and a recording of the session will be emailed to all those who register.

Each session is designed to work as a stand-alone session but to maximise benefit we would encourage people to book all three and undertake suggested practical activities between sessions.



Rachel Eden (Cllr) is an experienced trainer and has been an elected member of a Unitary Authority since 2010, having served in a range of roles including the opposition, cabinet member, committee chair and is currently the Deputy Mayor. As a trainer, she specialises in finance, management and social media and is a qualified management accountant. Rachel delivers training to individuals and groups ranging from employees of multinational corporations to volunteers at small charities.

Malcolm Powers is a former Councillor and Cabinet Member in a Unitary Authority. He has over fifteen years of experience delivering training to local government members and community campaigners. He specialises in communications at all levels and stakeholder engagement.

Who should attend?

The course will be relevant to both councillors and officers involved in using social media for their organisation and those that wish to wish to develop their skills in this area. As we are encouraged to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic this session has more relevance. Elected members will also benefit whether coming from a ward perspective or as a cabinet member and policymaker in order to get your message out there.