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Network on the Future of Local Democracy – Meeting 2: Finance


How can local government make the most of the current situation and build a collective case for meaningful change in how England is governed? LGiU is working with the James Madison Charitable Trust to establish a high level Network made up of local government leaders and chief executives to answer some of the biggest questions we face in 2017 and beyond.

This discussion will look at the fundamental question of local government finance – how will business rate devolution affect local government and what should we be looking for as a sector when it comes to a financial settlement? Questions for discussion will include:

  • How should local government be funded?
  • Can local government ever be financially self sufficient? How should redistribution work? Can it ever be fair?
  • Does devolution make a difference?
  • What would a greater commitment to fiscal devolution on the part of the government look like?

David Phillips, of the Institute for Fiscal Studies will give a short introductory presentation, and the discussion will be chaired by Jonathan Carr-West, chief executive of LGiU.

This event is free, but invitation only and is open to leaders and chief executives of LGiU member councils. Please do get in touch if you would like to take part. Not sure whether you’re organisation is a member?



David Phillips - Associate Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies
Who should attend?
Leaders and chief executives of LGiU member councils