Migrants’ Rights and Entitlements to Local Authority Support – Edinburgh


In late February COSLA launched new guidance on Migrants’ rights and entitlements to services provided by local authorities in Scotland. The resource is intended to help councils to navigate the complex legal framework that determines the rights of migrants (including EEA/EU nationals) to access services and support in Scotland – to deliver effective support to people whose immigration status means they can’t access public funds.

As a part of dissemination of the guidance we are offering a series of free regional training events for those working local authorities, which will be delivered by Just Right Scotland and NRPF Network who are the authors of the new guidance. The event will aim to improve understanding of the legislation governing migrants’ rights to access local authority services; support staff to understand the content of the guidance and to respond effectively to requests for support when people are at risk of homelessness and destitution.

The event will consider support to:
– meet statutory safeguarding duties towards children in families with NRPF and vulnerable adults with NRPF (including survivors of domestic abuse)
– assist EU/EEA nationals in the context of Brexit
– undertake effective human rights assessments

If you have any queries, please contact Ania: [email protected]