Midlothian’s Nudges – Making a Difference – Behavioural Insights Exploration


Behavioural insights involves using nudges to change behaviour which can improve outcomes and reduce financial spend.

In this video, Tim Pearse, Head of Local Government at the Behavioural Insights Team, explains what behavioural insights is in the context of our work in councils and how different techniques can help influence people’s behaviour in order to reduce costs, improve outcomes or generate income.


9.30 am Welcome and Vision Dr Grace Vickers Chief Executive Midlothian Council

9.45 am Behavioural insights – An introduction from Tracy McGillivray NHS Lothian

10.15 am Case Studies

10.30 am Small group work – Reaction to what we’ve heard, generating ideas, using what we’ve learnt,

11.15 am Plenary/ feedback – Nudging Forward

This event is open to all community planning partners, staff and members of the public.