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Managing casework


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Sustainably carrying out multiple roles and working with a variety of people requires resilience and a healthy work-life balance.

Personal resilience is about maintaining a sense of well-being, being mentally strong, effectively meeting different demands and performing at one’s best on behalf of individuals, and communities as well as being an effective leader. This is a very practical seminar that will provide each participant with methods and helpful ideas to manage the pressures they face and enable them to be able to maximise the positive aspects of being an elected member.

Key outcomes

  • Understand the circumstances that undermine resilience
  • Learn about stressors and how they can effect well-being
  • Gain strategies to strengthen work-life balance

Who should attend

Elected members who feel the pressure of having a public profile, credibility and expectations. Plus anyone who, in general, needs to maintain high levels of energy and performance.

Your LGIU Trainer

Miranda Smythe has 30 years of experience helping organisations (mainly local governments) identify learning gaps and develop tailored, creative strategies to address their goals. Miranda is also involved in local community development activities and provides mental health awareness sessions for many not-for-profit organisations. She is chair of a local homelessness charity and has been instrumental in developing and facilitating community leadership initiatives in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

What others are saying about LGIU training

“The breakout sessions with my colleagues were especially helpful as well as the handouts on the situational leadership model.”

– Bethan, from Cardiff