England & Wales

LGiU & Ramblers roundtable: How can we engage residents with public spaces? Building a collaborative approach for the future


We would like to invite you to a Ramblers and LGiU roundtable to discuss how we can get citizens more engaged with public spaces.

Well-maintained green spaces and public footpaths are important community assets, contributing to greener travel optionsbetter health outcomes and wellbeing, as well as attracting tourists and improving the area’s image. But how can we encourage residents to take greater ownership of these spaces, and how can we as councils collaborate with them to shape these spaces?

Ramblers will also be previewing the exciting findings from their Pathwatch campaign which saw thousands of people volunteer their time to survey every footpath in England and Wales.

We will be discussing:

  • How councils can work alongside residents to manage, repair and improve public spaces and footpaths in a way that is both cost-effective, and which fits with residents’ priorities.
  • How councils can gather information on path quality and how they manage their workflows – and the potential of technology to help this process.
  • How residents can work together with their council on projects to improve their local area.
  • How crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and gamification can be used to promote better engagement with public services.
  • Challenges and opportunities associated with these collaborative efforts.

This is an invitation-only event.