Australia Economy and regeneration

How to create more resilient local economies


Join us live via Zoom on 24 September at 10.00 am AEST to discuss the role of local government in economic development and how local councils can create more resilient local economies.



Dr Marcus Spiller Principal and Partner at SGS Economics and Planning will moderate the discussion with panellists Jacqueline Brinkman, Patrick Fensham and Laurel Johnson.

Jacqueline Brinkman, CEO at Economic Development Australia, will highlight the critical role economic development professionals play in economic recovery and resilience building and discuss the types of skills and expertise that local councils need to develop their local economies.

Patrick Fensham, Principal & Partner at SGS Economics and Planning, will discuss how local government can adopt Community Wealth Building for greater resilience.

Dr Laurel Johnson, Teaching and Research Academic in the University of Queensland’s urban planning program will explore how local communities engage in local economic development.