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Global Local Executive Panel – May 2022: Trust & Culture in Local Government


Trust – and in particular the public trust doctrine – is the foundation for the legitimacy of public institutions and a functioning democratic system. Around the world, local governments tend to hold a higher level of public trust than their state and federal counterparts – but this trust should not be taken for granted.

To maintain the trust of community, local governments must model and embed a culture which engenders this trust. Good governance principles such as responsiveness, reliability, integrity, transparency and fairness are critical to building a culture of trust.

In this international panel, we will explore these themes and hear from global local government leaders about their experiences of building and maintaining trust through culture, and the kinds of circumstances which may lead to a loss of trust in local government

Date: Thursday 26 May


  • 08:30 UK/Ireland
  • 17:30 AEDT

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Lydia Wilson – Interim Administrator, City of Whittlesea Council, Victoria

Sue Weatherley – Director City Strategy and Innovation, Georges River Council, New South Wales

Jonathan Carr-West – CEO, Local Government Information Unit, UK