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Global Local Executive Panel: Approaching climate action while in permacrisis


This session is part of our Global Local Executive Panel series. Explore more local solutions to global challenges – FREE for LGIU members.


At LGIU, we are exploring new ways of bringing our members high-level insights from councils across the world on how local government is dealing with key global issues.

The Global Local Executive Panel Series aim to bring together executive speakers from local government across the countries we work in and beyond to share solutions they’ve found to critical challenges faced worldwide. These sessions bring together senior executives from international councils to share ideas, compare approaches and explore learning opportunities.

Global local executive panels are free to LGIU members and paid subscribers to LGIU’s Global Local

LGIU and the VLGA are thrilled to gather together senior executives from Ireland, the UK and Australia to explore how local government can approach climate action while in a permacrisis.

This event takes place at 8:30am BST / 5:30pm AEST

Key areas of exploration

  • Approaching climate action while being in a permacrisis
  • Understanding risk and perceptions of risk around climate change through a local government lens.
  • Preparing for and managing risks while under financial pressures
  • How local government can address housing and regeneration needs while minimising carbon emissions

Speakers include

Joan Martin, Chief Executive, Louth County Council, Ireland

Angela Scott, Chief Executive, Aberdeen City Council, Scotland

Dr Jessica Stella, Marine Ecologist, Great Barrier Reef Authority, Australia

Professor John Thwaites AM, Chair, Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Monash University; Chair,  Climateworks Centre, Australia