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General Election 2015 – Policy Officer Network roundtable #1


In the weeks leading up to the general election, you’ll receive policy briefings on the themes, parties and outside players – campaign groups, local government and so on. Check our General Election 2015 project page for more information.

If you’re a local government policy officer, whatever the result on 7 May, there are likely to be both changes and new challenges for you. What does this year’s election mean for you? What’s likely to be on your agenda following the election? What issues might you need clarification on in the months following the election?

This roundtable will focus on the critical issues facing policy officers, allowing you space to discuss your theories – and plans – with others.

We’ll summarise the background information provided by the briefings, pick out the main points and then open up the floor for you to share your views.

The event will be written up for those unable to attend. Contact Charlotte Maddix for more information.

Lunch will be provided.

Who should attend?
This roundtable is exclusively for members of the LGiU Policy Network and colleagues.