Future Governance Forum – Evolving Local Governance: Learning about cities from natural systems


In response to the uncertain times we live in, the most successful communities of the future will view themselves as living systems. when we take a ‘whole system’ approach to our cities, towns and communities we can learn surprising ways to solve old and new challenges.

This third Future Governance Forum, guest presented by City Evolutionist and author, Marilyn Hamilton, will introduce participants to the idea of the four ‘voices’ of community (citizens, third sector, local government & private sector). It will explore each ‘voice’ and discover the new possibilities that can be revealed through inspiring dialogue between these groups.

After this session, participants will:

1) Be able to articulate the four ‘voices’ of a city/community and understand the importance of them working together.

2) Understand how to communicate clearly with each of the ‘voices’ to get things done.

3) Leave with a vision of what they can do in the future to be more effective in their work.

4) Understand ways they can deepen their learning on this subject through additional workshops.

Guest presenter

Marilyn Hamilton: City Evolutionist, author and founder of Integral City

As a City Evolutionist, Marilyn works with cities and eco-regions, she ‘meshworks’ or weaves people, purpose, priorities, profits, programs and processes to align contexts, grow capacity and develop strategies for resilience. Marilyn facilitates sustainable development programs, research, inquiries, assessments, co-creativity practices and collaboration. She is a transplanted Canadian who lives at Findhorn The Park.