Fairer Scotland Duty Event – Glasgow


The Improvement Service, in partnership with the Scottish Government, is holding three regional events on the Fairer Scotland Duty (FSD). These events are an opportunity for those public bodies who are subject to the Duty to come together and discuss how they are implementing it.

There will be presentations from a range of public bodies, including on how various pieces of legislation interconnect with the FSD and how bodies are implementing the duty by carrying out Fairer Scotland Duty assessments, training employees and Elected Members and developing Integrated Impact Assessment. There will also be workshops to stimulate discussion and to think about how to best implement the Duty, share learning and identify what we need to do next.

Registration will start at 9.30am and the events will run until 3.30pm.

In preparation for the event, it would be helpful if attendees could fill in a short questionnaire to highlight where they are in the implementation of the FSD. The responses will be held in confidence and will only be used to shape the content of the events. The questionnaire can be found here

There is a Fairer Scotland Duty KHub which you may be interested in joining. This is where practice and toolkits are shared, and where you can ask questions of others who are implementing the Fairer Scotland Duty. You can sign up here

A full agenda will be shared closer to each event.

If you have any questions in relation to the events, please contact:

Miriam McKenna, Programme Manager Fairer Scotland Duty, Improvement Service [email protected]