Effective leadership and networked governance: Public service and community leadership – What works and why?


 As public services move forward into their next phase of reform it is clear that the leadership and governance approaches of the past are inadequate to tackle the complex terrain of contemporary public service reform. Traditional, hierarchical managerial approaches developed for the industrial revolution and latterly the knowledge economy are no longer fit for purpose.

We now require new thinking and new ways of working that move beyond hiring hands or brains to hiring hearts. This is a post-knowledge human economy where creativity, passion, character and collaborative spirit are the key foundations of success.

This seminar draws together some of the key findings from the What Works Scotland research on public service and community leadership and provides a forum for discussion and the development of ideas and responses to develop leadership that takes our public services and the leadership agenda to the next level.


Registration from 9.30am

10:00 Introduction

10:10 Public Service Leadership: What works and why?

10:30 Community Leadership: what works and Why?

10:50 Question and Answer session

11:05 Coffee

11:25 Roundtable discussion and questions for Plenary Panel

12:15 Plenary Panel

13:00 Networking lunch