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Digitising the Public Sector – Efficiency through Technology


Denmark is world leader in digitising the public sector and ranked first in UN’s E-Government Development Index. Visionary policy decisions has led to that development, but a digital public sector is more than a channel shift and to achieve real efficiency, you need to reconfigure the workflows in the public sector by intelligent use of digital. How to do that will be addressed in this Scottish-Danish seminar about the digital transformation of our societies and the resulting massive efficiency gains.


Polly Purvis, Chief Executive, ScotlandIS


Lars Thusen, Danish Ambassador to the UK

Kate Forbes, The Minister for Public Finance and Digital Economy

Nina Husfeldt, Danish Agency for Digitisation

Per Tejs Knudsen, CEO, cBrain

Lars Hintze Andersen, CEO, Dania Software

Nicolas Jøns Larsen, COO, Front Desk