Digital Skills Workshop


This is the third digital skills workshop where councils are invited to come along (2 places per council) and hear about the work of the Scottish Local Government Digital Office Digital Skills Project.

The project is being led by Pauline Halligan, Nicola Graham and David McNeill and managed by Chris Wright.

The following fantastic volunteers agreed to help shape project deliverables, Heather Melville, Jacqueline Bates, Alan O’Neill, Alison McBride, Lisa Dunlop, Clare Sharp, Sue Holland Smith, Niall Reid and Paula Baird.

At this workshop you will get the chance to network with this new community, hear about the progress with the project, view case studies and find out more about the digital skills playbook that everyone is contributing towards.

See our latest Sway to find out more:

Please note: Attendees must be from a local authority with the Scottish Local Government Digital Partnership.