England & Wales

Digital and Data Roundtable: Glasgow


The LGiU and Vodafone are hosting a high level roundtable event with Lorraine McMillan, Chief Executive of East Renfrewshire Council, to discuss digital local government, connectivity and local growth in Scotland.

The roundtable will bring together council officers, politicians and senior business leaders to discuss the future plans for digital transformation across the country.

Data and technology will play a crucial role in the quest to deliver services that meet the challenges of our time. Straitened public finances, a renewed need to promote local economic growth and growing demand for public services, all mean that councils must be bold in collaborating with partners of every sector to make better use of data and technology.

The discussion will focus on:

  • How can local authorities engage with their partners in the private sector to make
  • better use of data and technology?
  • How can cities use data and technology to improve the customer experience of its
  • citizens’ transactions and broader engagement with the state?
  • What is the role of data and technology in promoting active citizen engagement?
  • What does being a ‘Smart City’ mean for councils in Scotland? Can technology actually help the
  • council save money while improving services?
  • What role does better use of data and technology play in promoting economic
  • growth? How can it help to forge a shared sense of community across a region or a country?

This is part of a series of roundtables on digital and data and is an invitation only event. If you think you should be involved, please contact Ingrid Koehler at [email protected] for more information.