Funded by Social History Society of the United Kingdom and UWS’ Strategic Hub for Society, Policy, Governance and Justice. (Room D147, Paisley Campus 1030-1630.)

2018 saw the centenary of Representation of the People Act, which gave all men over 21, and some women, the right to elect MPs for the first time. A number of events were held across the UK to commemorate this important centenary, and to encourage public engagement with the work of parliament and reflection on the struggle for democracy.

As representative democracy in the British context enters its second century, the Democracy@101 conference marks an opportunity to reflect on its historical development, to consider contemporary challenges to the system, and to discuss how it might be made more inclusive, participatory and effective in future.

Themes nd keywords:

The struggle for democracy: past and present

Women and the vote

Political parties

Political participation beyond the vote

Elections and political change


Local democracy and community empowerment

Workplace democracy

Voting in the age of fake news and social media

Populism(s) and protest movements