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Changing Communities – value community and make a difference (webinar)

Event run in association with GlobalNet
Event run in association with GlobalNet

In the 21st century many communities have to change or are having change thrust on them. When this happens how can communities and stakeholders be in control of their own future and what sort of future might that be?

This is the first of two webinars being run with GlobalNet21 in May that address community and change. In this webinar Cormac Russell will focus on how – by identifying, connecting and mobilising assets – citizens can change their communities from inside out, and use the power they build by doing so, to hold government to account.

Asset based community development recognises that the capacities of citizens, local associations, the physical resources that surround them and their local economic exchanges can often go untapped in the current system.

This webinar will explore the theory and practice of capacity based citizen led action for community building and social change, and ways that local authorities and service providers can enable positive communities through and asset based approach.

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Cormac Russell is a faculty member of the Asset Based Community Development Institute and works extensively in the UK, as well as Sub Saharan Africa, North America and Australia.

Who should attend?

Officers and elected members whose role encompasses community assets and community development and partnership working.