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Changing Communities – Local Agreements (webinar)

Event run in association with GlobalNet
Event run in association with GlobalNet

This is the second of two webinars being run with GlobalNet21 in May that address community and change. This webinar will look at local compacts or neighbourhood agreements where a community comes together with stakeholders to agree a common agenda for change.

What is a neighbourhood agreement?

A neighbourhood agreement is a ‘deal’ between ‘stakeholders’ in a defined neighbourhood in which each party makes commitments about how they will help improve the area. Usually this means an agreement between local residents and providers of local services and amenities. Such agreements have been used by housing providers, police forces and local authorities and with varying results.

This webinar provides an opportunity to discuss neighbourhood agreements and their value as:

  • a method of highlighting minimum standards and base line services
  • a way of working with the community to agree on their roles and responsibilities in the community
  • a method of empowering the community to be able to monitor and oversee local services
  • a way for a community to empower itself through partnership working.

To book a place please click on the link above. GlobalNet21 will send you a link to connect to the webinar nearer the time.


The trainer: Maxine Moar has been a key figure in building local and national community cohesion polices for over 10 yearsShe has been consulting communities and using the results to work with partner organisations and elected members throughout that time and her work has been nationally recognised. She has worked with successive Ministers and Home Secretaries as well as with the Department for Communities and Local Government and countless local community initiatives the length and breadth of Britain.

Who should attend?

Officers and elected members whose role encompasses community development and partnership working.