Challenge Poverty Week: Refugee and Asylum seeker destitution


The Refugee Survival Trust will be taking part in the Poverty Alliance’s “Challenge poverty week” 2018 in the form of this informational session kindly hosted by the Kelvin Hall.

While poverty and destitution are issues which profoundly negatively affect every part of society, it’s impact falls disproportionately on already vulnerable and marginalised individuals and communities. Refugees and asylum seekers are often in extrmemely precarious positions, especially as recent newcomers to the UK whose long term status is uncertain, making them more susceptible to falling through the cracks and becoming desitute and impoverished.

Many structural and institutional safeguards normally available to combat poverty and desitution are not avialable to some, or all refugees and asylum seekers, or are much harder to acquire because of their circumstances and lack of support. What’s more, as a result of the “hostile environment” policy towards newcomers to the UK, many of these aviodable structural problems are not addressed, made worse or created intentionally so as to make life in the UK as difficult as possible in a misguided attempt to curb net migration.

This informational session will feature a short presentation by one of our staff on how these issues affect refugees and asylum seekers specifically as well as a brief group discussion and a chance for questions!

Tickets are free, but please do book with our eventbrite link as we have limited space!