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Ask the Expert: Funding systems for local government – international comparisons


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Join us for our first Ask the expert session of 2024 where we’re diving into the findings of our international comparisons research conducted by the Local Democracy Research Centre. The study, which explores the funding systems for local government in England, Germany, Italy, and Japan, provides a unique system-wide perspective to help us understand the different ways local services are financed in democracies across the world.

Our team of experts including Dr Kevin Muldoon-Smith from the University of Northumbria, have delved into the legal basis behind local government funding, the historical context, constitutional, political and legal structures, as well as the peculiarities of the system, which enable and constrain different behaviors in each country.

Come along and be part of an insightful conversation on local government finance in different countries.

Key outcomes

  • Interact with our experts and ask them questions about the research, share your thoughts, and get practical alternatives to local government funding in your country.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the funding systems for local government in England, Germany, Italy, and Japan, and the peculiarities of the system in each country.
  • Get practical alternatives to local government funding in their own country, which can help them in developing new approaches and solutions to long-standing problems.

Who should attend

We welcome practitioners, policymakers, and academics who are interested in illuminating their understanding of local government as a system, and developing new approaches and solutions to long-standing problems.

Your LGIU Experts

Dr Kevin Muldoon-Smith, Associate Professor at Northumbria University, specialises in Urban and Built Environment Adaptation and Investment. With research experience in Strategic Public Sector Finance, Stranded Assets in the Built Environment, and Knowledge Management, Dr Muldoon-Smith has extensive knowledge in the built environment and its adaptation to contemporary demand.
Dr Greg Stride is a researcher at the Local Democracy Research Centre at the LGIU. Greg has a PhD from the University of Exeter on electoral administration in England, where he also taught social science research methods. Alongside his academic work, Greg has also worked in electoral services, written textbooks for A-level politics students and completed an internship at the Foreign Affairs Committee.

What others are saying about LGIU workshops

I found the session to be an excellent learning experience, with valuable insights that I can apply to my work. As a new starter in my organization, the format was engaging and easy to follow, and the content was broken up into manageable chunks. Overall, I highly recommend this session to anyone looking to improve their local government knowledge.”

– Vid, from Hounslow