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An introduction to overview and scrutiny for elected members



This introductory session explores the role of overview and scrutiny within an authority, how to get the best results from its work and the key skills and approaches for doing so. Join us as we take part in guided, interactive activities that will help you build a team, program your work, scope your project, and gather evidence.

Key outcomes

  • Better understand scrutiny including its role, principles, and value
  • Learn from good practice of other councils
  • Develop scrutiny skills
  • Explore opportunities and options for the development of scrutiny in the council

Programme Outline:

  • Reflections on the experience of scrutiny
  • Refresh on principles, roles and value of scrutiny
  • Interactive activity focusing on:
  • priorities for scrutiny
  • team building for scrutiny
  • ways of working in scrutiny
  • work programming
  • project scoping
  • evidence gathering
  • Key learning points and action planning.

Who should attend

This online session is aimed at elected members who are new to overview and scrutiny and need to find their feet as soon as possible.

Your LGIU Trainer

Dave Burn is an independent consultant with over 35 years of local government experience, specialising in governance, member development, mentoring and member/officer relations and works with a variety of authorities and public bodies. He is the Director of Frontline Consulting Associates Limited, where he leads on support to Police (Fire) and Crime Panels, an Associate for the Local Government Information Unit, SOLACE and the Centre for Governance Public Scrutiny.

What others are saying about LGIU training

The lesson was extremely clear and was packed with good tips around scrutiny. I especially liked the group work — the whole session was interactive and it was helpful to be able to ask questions.”

– Keith, from West Northamptonshire