Achieving Impact with…..Policymakers


There is strong public support for public policies to be informed by evidence. To achieve this end, policymakers are increasingly looking for research that can be translated and applied into policymaking settings. This requires academics to be better equipped with the skills to engage with policymakers and translate research findings to be applicable to policymaking processes.

The next workshop in the “Achieving Impact with…” series will address this need by discussing the use of research by policymakers and the role of academics in this process.

Join us to:

-learn how government and parliamentary research officers seek out and use research

-understand the role that academics play in linking research findings to policymaking processes

-identify the shortfalls in academia that make it difficult for research to be applied to policymaking

-recognise better practices for translating research for policymakers.


Dr Nuala Gormley, Senior Principal Research Officer (Strategic Research)

Katy Orr, Clerk, Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Relations Committee

Dr Daniel Keanely, Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Edinburgh

Date: Wednesday, 5 December

Time: 12:30 – 2:00 pm (lunch provided)

Venue: Common Room, 22 George Square