Aberdour Festival (Fringe) – The Parliament Project: A workshop for women.


2018 Marks the 100th Anniversary of Women in the U.K. being granted the right to vote for the first time. The activism of women 100 years ago led to women having an influence on who should represent them and others in our community and nationally in local government and in our Parliament/s.
Yet still, 100 years on, women are not equally represented in positions as Councillors, MSPs and MPs.

Every community, area and nation needs more women, in equality with men, to be making decisions and informing legislation about important matters that affect us all.

Can you see yourself as that female elected councillor, MSP or MP?

Join the Parliament Project for a session that will demystify the election process at all these levels.

No matter what your political party leanings are, no matter what your background, life experience or age – you CAN.

Join The Parliament Project, along with special guests from the world of politics and Edinburgh’s Processions artists.

This workshop is part of the Aberdour Festival (Fringe) possibly the best small festival of Scotland’s Summer where there is something for everyone in a packed 10 day programme of music, events and culture, all set in the beautiful village of Aberdour in Fife.