Essential reading: Welfare and equalities

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The rising cost of living crisis, two years of a global pandemic, reductions in benefits are all having a huge impact on many people’s income and ability to house, feed and support themselves and their families. Councils and councillors are, as ever, at the sharp end of trying pick up the pieces for the most vulnerable.

We have picked out a few items from our huge library of local government content that we hope will provide you with inspiration, ideas or just food for thought and make you want to delve deeper into the LGIU’s local government resources.

This page is part of LGIU’s resources for new councillors.

Cost of living crisis – what you need to know

This is a bundle of articles and briefings that we published as the cost of living crisis has developed and exploring the critical role of local government. Go to this bundle.

Online Training: Equality and inclusive leadership in local government (1 & 15 Nov)

Two sessions relevant for senior managers and officers who want to develop their inclusive leadership practice and or work in the area of equalities, as well as elected members who want to re-examine equality and diversity policies within their local authority and their leadership role within and outside the Council. Book today.

Levelling up

Levelling up was the government’s flagship policy at the last general election. This bundle of LGIU content showcases some of our recent work examining progress and the role of local government. Go to this bundle.

Child poverty and low-income families

Child poverty has risen in every Scottish local authority over the past six years. This briefing sets out the situation in Scotland and explores some of the ways that local authorities are tackling the pressing issues surrounding child poverty. Read this briefing.

Illicit drug use and homelessness: how Canada and the UK are dealing with a growing crisis

This briefing gives and international perspective to how different parts of the world are dealing with a persistent and evolving crisis around drug use and homelessness. Read this briefing.

Further LGIU resources

If you would like to explore this area further then go to our topic page where we have a whole archive of resources on welfare and equalities. Go to topic page.

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