Essential reading: Welfare and equalities

Image by NickyPe from Pixabay

The cost of living crisis, two years of a global pandemic, reductions in benefits continue to take a toll on many people’s income and ability to house, feed and support themselves and their families. Councils and councillors are, as ever, at the sharp end of trying pick up the pieces for the most vulnerable.

We have picked out a few items from our huge library of local government content that we hope will provide you with inspiration, ideas or just food for thought and make you want to delve deeper into the LGIU’s local government resources.

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Cost of living crisis – what you need to know

This is a collection of articles and briefings and case studies that explore the critical role of local government in supporting people through the current cost of living crisis. Explore this collection.

Global Local bulletin: Violence against women and girls

Have you discovered our Global Local bulletin? Each week we take a theme and bring you stories, ideas and inspiration from local government and its partners around the world.  This recent edition explored how local governments, organisations and individuals are tackling violence and abuse perpetrated against women and girls. Read this edition of Global Local.

Diversity in political representation in the UK

The under-representation of certain groups in politics is bad for democracy, equality and legitimacy. This long read focuses on the representation of ethnic minorities and disabled people in local government. Read this article.

Further LGIU resources

If you would like to explore this area further then go to our topic page where we have a whole archive of resources on welfare and equalities. Go to topic page.

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