Essential reading: Health and social care

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Adult social care is an extensive and complex function of local government and is among the biggest calls on council budgets. Demand is growing and the pandemic threw the perilous state of these services into even sharper relief. Councillors are often approached by people in their wards, individually or in local forums, for help over social care issues. You will need to develop a good understanding of how it operates and establish effective communication with the adult social care management team in your council.

We have picked out a few items from our huge library of local government content that we hope will provide you with inspiration, ideas or just food for thought and make you want to delve deeper into the LGIU’s local government resources.

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Backgrounder: Adult social care

Sometimes you just want to know the essentials – the background to a subject – either because you are fairly new to it or you need a bit of a refresher. LGIU’s backgrounders give you that and this one focuses on some of the main issues in adult social care, particularly topics that may be raised by local people seeking advice from their councillor. It also identifies sources of more detailed national information. Read this backgrounder.

Global Local: Mental Health Support

Have you discovered our Global Local bulletin? Each week we take a theme and bring you stories, ideas and inspiration from local government and partners around the world. This recent edition looks at how local authorities can best support the mental health of the communities they serve. Read this edition of Global Local.

Health, public health and social care round-up

Social care and health services have a huge impact on quality of life and are inextricably linked to so many other areas of local government provision. LGIU produces a monthly roundup summarising new policy, research and publications that are relevant to elected members and officers. Read the latest roundup.

The role of councils in integrated care systems

This briefing looks at the early evidence from reviews of the establishment of the 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) across England and the role that local government is playing in progressing and delivering ICSs despite the backdrop of difficulties. Read more here.

LGIU health and social care resources

You can browse the full health and social care catalogue on our topic page. Go to the topic page.

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