Essential reading: Communities and society

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Communities are what being a councillor is all about. Everyone who makes the decision to stand for election does it out of a desire to make a positive difference to the lives of people in their community and to the places they live and work.

We have picked out a few items from our huge library of local government content that we hope will provide you with inspiration, ideas or just food for thought and make you want to delve deeper into the LGIU’s local government resources. Sign up for a free LGIU account to keep up to date with local government.


This page is part of LGIU’s resources for new councillors.

Collection: Cost of living crisis

This LGIU collection looks at the impacts of the current cost of living crisis on our communities and the critical role of local government in helping people get through it. There are briefings, case studies and other resources included as part of this collection. See the full collection.

Global Local: Nordic spotlight

Have you discovered our Global Local bulletin? Each week we take a theme and bring you stories, ideas and inspiration from local government and its partners around the world. This recent issue looks at how the Nordic countries, with their high tax, strong welfare state approach, have been responding to the challenges that are facing communities all over Europe. Read this edition of Global Local.

Global Local Executive Panel: Community engagement done well

LGIU’s Global Local Executive Panel series of events brings you high-level insights from local government across the world. This panel looks at how to avoid common pitfalls in engagement work, explores linking citizen forums to the structure of local government to work more effectively together, how to properly engage rural communities and more. Find out more about this event.

Delving deeper

If we’ve piqued your interest, why not browse through the our communities and society topic page. From policy briefings to podcasts we have a wide range of content exploring this subject. Go to topic page.

Case studies

See how local governments around the world are handling sensitive issues, celebrating local diversity and bringing communities together in our case study library.

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