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The challenges of planning and running UK elections

Andrew Smith, Chair of the Association of Electoral Administrators, provides insights into the challenges of preparing for and running UK elections. Discussing the work involved, from booking polling stations to training staff, and so much more. He also addresses changes to the Elections Act, overseas electors, and constituency boundary changes.

England & Wales

Whatever happened to levelling up?

Spotting progress on levelling up is proving difficult. According to MPs, too little money has been handed to local authorities, and most of what was given out has yet to be spent. This briefing asks whether the government’s flagship programme is making any difference to regional inequality.

England & Wales, Scotland

The State of the Locals 2024

Each year, LGIU commissions Ipsos to carry out polling on UK attitudes to local elections, the work of councillors and the role of local government in England. This is a summary of the main findings from the 2024 survey.

England & Wales

Housing and planning round-up April 2024

Shared ownership is the big issue in this month’s housing and planning round up, with MPs warning that schemes fail to offer an affordable route to home ownership. Other stories cover rents, noise nuisance, building safety, council tax and homelessness among refugees.

England & Wales, Scotland

My vote matters: make 2024 accessible voting year

Gáibhin McGranaghan, Spokesperson at My Vote My Voice, raises concerns about the accessibility of our democratic systems and the issues this causes. My Vote My Voice is working to empower disabled communities by building a coalition of supporters to upskill their understanding, develop easy read resources, and sign an open letter to support accessible voting.

England & Wales, Global

Collection: Libraries, leisure and parks

This collection showcases LGIU’s resources exploring libraries, leisure and parks. In this collection you will find open content, member briefings and Global Local newsletters exploring best practice in delivering and maintaining community spaces and services, alongside an array of global case studies.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland

Through European eyes: Local government in the United Kingdom

The European Charter of Local Self-Government, a benchmark international treaty, affirms the role of local communities in exercising democracy. This briefing outlines the findings of the recent CLRAE report on UK compliance with the Charter. As various reform processes emerge, the report offers valuable insights and analysis of UK local government from a European perspective.

England & Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland
Members & Global Local

Defining fast fashion: why it’s a problem for local government and local communities

This briefing explores the fast fashion industry as a whole and the issues it generates for local areas. It sets out the policy levers that local government can use and how they can work directly with their communities to tackle fast fashion. Inside, you’ll find a range of case study examples of community-led initiatives supported…

England & Wales, Global With case study

Parliamentary update: February-March 2024

The purpose of this briefing is to provide a monthly update on the progress of each piece of legislation through the Houses of Parliament that is of relevance to local authorities in England and Wales.

England & Wales